Solving Homelessness Together


Don’t pay to get your taxes done, let us do your taxes for free so you can keep ALL of your money and get your refund back fast.

Homeless Resource Network realizes the complex nature of homelessness. Many experiencing homelessness do not have the resources to complete taxes themselves, or fall prey to predatory lenders who take money away from those who are entitled to their entire return.   To help with this issue Homeless Resource Network partners with the Chattahoochee Valley VITA Coalition during tax season each year to provide free tax assistance.

Do not waste time or money getting your taxes prepared when you can get it done for FREE!! This is available for anyone that makes $52,000 a year or less.


Let a VITA site put cash in your pocket. Don’t pay for filing, loans or quick refunds. Our service has no fees or hidden expenses. E-file to receive your refund in 10 days or fewer.

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