Solving Homelessness Together

Get Involved

There are several ways to get involved in the work that Homeless Resource Network is doing. Whether you are a hands on person and want to volunteer, are a donor wanting to support a good cause, or are an advocate willing to write letters to your senators or legislators, you can find that information here.


    • Financial contributions increase the capacity of Homeless Resource Network. Join the work we are doing by clicking  here.
    • Consider donating or organizing a drive to meet some of the needs on our Wishlist.

Be Educated


    • The best way to learn what the needs of people experiencing homelessness is; is to ask them yourself.
    • You can Volunteer with the Homeless Resource Network.
    • Visit United Way’s website to learn about volunteer opportunities in Columbus/Phenix City.

Get Involved

    • Participate in the local Homeless Coalition monthly meeting.
    • Read the Current News on our website or sign up for our email updates.
    • Organize an event or get involved in an already existing one. Below you you find links to several local events:

Banquet on the Bridge

V.I.P. Annual Bed Race


    • Visit our Advocate page to learn more ways to become active in addressing homelessness