Solving Homelessness Together

Local videos on homelessness

Our new video is here!

Q9 Audio/Visual created this video for us in 2015, in support of our 2nd Annual Winetasting Mingle.

More by Q9 here.

Several students at CSU came and interviewed some of the people we help in order to help tell some of their stories. These are the videos that came out of that. We felt it would be great to share them here, as they are a great representation of some of the local people in our community that are facing homelessness.
These videos were created in the Qualitative Research Methods class taught by Dr. Sheeks and Dr. Izumi in the Dept. of Communication.

People can contact Dr. Danna Gibson (, Chair of Communication Department or Ms. Chris Robinson (, the Director of Center for Non-Profit and Civic Engagement.

This video was created by: Remington Summers, Andy Ginn, and Trevor Mehrkens


This video was created by: Kelly Howard, Kristen Averett and Brandon Lashley


This video was created by: Kaitlynn Howard, Tyler Davidson and Christina Shively


This video was created by: Nia-Thomas George and Jessica Eastridge


This video was created by: John Carter and Joshua Bowning