Solving Homelessness Together

Local Data

Homelessness In Our Area?

Many would say that homelessness is an issue in our country, but question whether there is an issue of homelessness here in our own community. Take a moment to read some of the information below.

Could YOU be without a home?

You are a single parent with 3 children. Since your divorce five months ago, you have been living with your sister who is getting married in two weeks. You are your children will have to leave. You are currently unemployed; however, you are actively seeking employment. This is a reality that those experiencing homelessness face.


  • The most recent count given by the Muscogee County School District for students experiencing homeless in the 2011-2012 year was 2212.
  • The Crisis Center of Russell County served 873 women and children in 2011 that were fleeing from domestic violence situations.
  • In the last 2011 PIT count in Columbus; 486 individuals reported they were homelessness. This count aims to get a general picture of people sleeping on the streets and in shelters on a certain day, but it is impossible to expect it to capture everyone that is homeless; as it’s hard to find everyone that is sleeping outside.

How much does it cost to afford a home in Columbus?

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