Solving Homelessness Together

Our Approach

The mission of the Homeless Resource Network is to actively partner with the community to seek solutions to homelessness through advocacy, services and collaboration.


The Homeless Resource Network is a unique agency. Our response from the foundation of this organization was to address homelessness through a community process. What this means is that we directly invest our energies to listening to those who are experiencing homelessness and those that work closely with people experiencing homelessness. By listening and communicating with other individuals we gain a clearer picture of what are the causes of homelessness and what are the direct and diverse needs to end the homelessness of those individuals and families.

For this reason Homeless Resource Network has responded to specific needs in the community that were not already being addressed, such as Mail and Storage. We write a collective grant as the Continuum of Care lead that brings approximately a million dollars a year into this community to address homelessness as a whole.

We realize that one organization alone cannot end homelessness, but as we work together we can make our efforts make the most lasting change in our community.

HRN has established working relationships with each of the social service agencies involved in homeless issues in an effort to coordinate services for people experiencing homelessness.

When problems surface surrounding homelessness, they are brought to the attention of the Network by service providers, advocates for people experiencing homelessness, local government, and the people experiencing homelessness themselves. To resolve the problems or attend to the issue at hand, the Network uses resources to respond to needy parties and encourages joint decision-making.

This all-inclusive approach has enabled the Network to address concerns voiced by many different agencies in the community in a collective manner. As a direct result, the Homeless Continuum of Care is viewed by the public as a cohesive unit with individual agencies combining knowledge, skill, and resources for a common purpose.